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3 Steps to Anger Management Posters – Pack of 5

Help young people deal with their angry feelings by prominently displaying these reminders. This colorful poster is a useful reminder to students of three crucial steps to managing anger: Step 1 – Prevent Understand that anger helps you know what you like and don’t like Know your triggers Learn to negotiate Step 2 – Prepare […]

Blob Posters Set (4)

Four posters to help children talk about specific emotions Blobs are a way of communicating using two of the first languages that we learn as children – body language and feelings. Before we can speak, before we can write, we have all learned to read the signs in our parents’ faces, and appreciate being held […]

Inclusion Posters Set (4)

Four bright, fun and captivating posters to help children develop an understanding of diversity and encourage teamwork. The statements are: • Everyone has something to give It takes all colours to make a rainbow • Teamwork is an amazing sight We are all part of the same picture. Age: 4-11 Contents: 4, A3 posters

Talkabout Posters

16 social skills posters A set of posters designed to complement the Talkabout range, they provide a visual stimulus to support work on social skills covering: • Talkabout talking – how do we communicate, the way we talk, starting a conversation, ending conversations, listening • Talkabout assertiveness – assertiveness, making suggestions, apologising, disagreeing, refusing, expressing […]

Monster Mood Cards

Monster Moods is a set of beautifully illustrated playing cards designed to support emotional literacy in children and young people. Seven colourful monsters embody seven common difficult emotions: anger, fear, jealousy, loneliness, restlessness and sadness. With accompanying game ideas, online activities and downloadable posters, Monster Moods can be used to facilitate work with a young […]

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