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Managing Worries Bundle

This collection of specially selected products will help children people gain an understanding of stress and anxiety and learn coping strategies with these resources and activities. Contents: Worried Wilber Activities Book & CD Rom Winston The Worried Whale All About Anxiety Discussion Cards Little Tin Of Big Worries Anxiety Solutions for Kids: 50 ways to […]

The Complete Anger Management Toolkit Primary

The kit contains 7 different resources including: 3 Steps to Anger Management Posters Anger Management Programme Moving on from Anger Activities to Help Young People Deal with Anger Anger Management CD-Rom Anger Management Games Anger Management Discussion Cards

Teens – Body Image and Beyond Workbook

Body image affects males and females. Puberty’s physical changes, combined with identity, popularity, and athletic pressures, contribute to adolescent challenges. Food and weight are not the only issues; preoccupation with facial features, skin, hair, clothes and height, and striving for brawny builds or hourglass figures undermine peace of mind and divert attention from other aspects […]

Be the Jellyfish Training Manual

The Be the Jellyfish programme uses creativity, relaxation, and communication to support social and emotional wellbeing in children. With structured lesson plans for groups of varying sizes, this manual offers training and activities in massage, bodywork, breathing exercises, and creative expression. Designed to support schools in nurturing the social and emotional wellbeing of children in […]

Teens – Accept and Embrace Diversity Workbook

Activities to help teenagers embrace diversity Exclusion or inclusion, discord or harmony hinge on hating or appreciating cultural differences. This book is very relevant today because school shootings and teenager suicides often relate to being left out, laughed at, and bullied because of cultural differences. Teens – Accept and Embrace Diversity capitalizes on what comes […]

Teens – Out-of-the-Box Coping Skills

Activities to help teenagers to cope with the everyday stress and changes that they face As teenagers mature, their sources of stress can grow too. The activities in Teens Out-of-the-Box Coping Skills tap into the fun and energetic creativity of teenagers to teach them new coping skills for teenagers to deal with stress, change, and […]

Anger Alert Game

Card game to teach children how to control their anger and retain their composure This game helps children tune in to the physical warning signs of anger. Some of us clench our fists; some tremble; other have the urge to throw something. All of us experience physical symptoms – warning signs – when anger is […]

Dyslexia Kit in a Bag

This kit in a bag supports children and young people who have dyslexia diagnosed or undiagnosed in the classroom. Many children find it hard to keep up with others, struggle with self esteem and confidence and may find it hard to talk about their difficulties. Support individuals to understand their condition, know how to ask […]

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