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If I Feel Anxious Poster Pack of 5 or 10

We live in a fast-moving world with constant bombardment from media pressures. By using highly edited versions of both reports and photos, many of these present false images with unrealistic goals and young people are particularly affected by these. By trying to attain such standards they are under massive pressure to perform well and to […]

Facts About Porn Poster Set of 5

Internet Safety and the influence of  Social networking sites have become major causes for concern because of their potential to threaten physical, mental and emotional danger to users. Young people are especially vulnerable to these forces: many regularly access hard-line porn sites and many more send or receive sexually explicit images without either knowing or […]

Blob Tree Posters Set (4)

Four posters to help children talk about specific emotions Blobs are a way of communicating using two of the first languages that we learn as children – body language and feelings. Before we can speak, before we can write, we have all learned to read the signs in our parents’ faces, and appreciate being held […]

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